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Re: General order 24, were Kir kand Scotty bluffing?

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It wouldn't have hurt the Eminians to just come out and tell potential visitors what the risks were, either. They were extremely coy about it, considering it was such serious business.
Why do they have to spell it out? They don't want visitors. None. Zero. Zip. Full stop. If you put up a No Trespassing sign on your property do you have to post an addendum as to why you don't want anyone there? Isn't a simple "No Trespassing" enough? They made their wishes quite clear.

KIRK: Code seven-ten means under no circumstances are we to approach that planet. No circumstances what so ever.
FOX: You will disregard that signal, Captain.
KIRK: Mister Fox, it is their planet.
FOX: Captain, in the past twenty years, thousands of lives have been lost in this quadrant. Lives that could have been saved if the Federation had a treaty port here. We mean to have that port and I'm here to get it.
KIRK: By disregarding code seven-ten, you might well involve us in an interplanetary war.
No circumstances whatsoever seems pretty clear to me. Perhaps Code 7-09 means Approach this planet only in life threatening emergency. Code 7-01 could mean "Come on in. Let's put a cephalopod on the barbie" However, as Kirk says, it's their planet. I can't imagine that the inhabitants of Eminiar and Vendikar have signed any sort of treaty with the Federation, especially one that would require them to offer aid.

Fox talks about the thousands of lives lost in this quadrant, not near this system. Apparently the Federation is too cheap to establish an outpost or space station or Starbase of their own and want to offload responsibility onto the Eminians whether they want it or not. Tehy have no interest in the rest of the galaxy. As Spock says, they've never left their own system.
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