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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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I think we have a pretty good chance that this will be the title. They're not going to have to worry that people won't know what the movie is about, and the last few years have proven you don't actually need the heroes names in the title of the movie.
I hope.

The Dark Knight as a title was a big departure, and that was WB giving Nolan a lot of faith (which eventually paid off). Of course, after that, according to speculation WB demanded that Dark Knight be included in the title for the third film - which was apparently a trade-off since WB wanted The Riddler as the villain and wanted the film to be shot/released in 3D. Nolan objectified to the 3D and wanted to use Bane instead, so then WB requested some variation of Dark Knight be used, and voila.

I don't remember who said it, but someone commented that The Dark Knight and Man of Steel have been associated with their respective characters for a long time, so it makes sense to use those titles. I'm sure WB was okay with Man of Steel as a title because it worked for Batman (which seems to be their reasoning a lot these days). World's Finest, on the other hand, doesn't scream Batman/Superman as strongly as Dark Knight does for Batman or Man of Steel does for Superman, but I also think audiences are smart enough to realize the kind of movie they are watching (especially when they see posters, trailers, etc).

Even with all of that said, I still think WB is going to end up calling this something overly direct and simple like Batman vs. Superman or Superman vs. Batman. Especially since Snyder/Goyer have been talking about these characters squaring off ever since the initial announcement. That's probably going to be the biggest appeal of this thing, besides seeing them on-screen together. Nothing says that like a title with "vs" in it (as corny as a title it would be).
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