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Re: Breaking Bad Final Half Season

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I was thinking the same thing. We have four episodes to take us from where we are now to Walt on the run with an M60 in the trunk, no family in sight and a derelict house.
It just didn't seem like a lot happened in this episode, even though we had Jesse teaming up with Hank (though I doubt Jesse is going to work directly with Hank... if that makes sense). The preview for next week's episode didn't reveal much, and I get that it is a preview. I am just curious as to what happens which leads us into the events we saw in the season premiere.

She didn't strike me as fully onboard with Walt. She does seem angry and resigned to the fact that this is her life now and this is the man she has to live with.
That's what I meant to say. She's not fully on-board, but she's dealing with it as best as she can. I think the most telling part was the line "We've come this far... what's one more?" or something along those lines. Skyler has reached a pretty dark place, as has pretty much every other character in this show (besides maybe Walt Jr).
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