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Re: Nintendo 2DS.

^ I think this is one of the problems Nintendo has. By interchangably using the terms 'DS' and 'Wii' for different systems, they've inadvertently confused consumers who mistake them all for being variations of the one system, rather than being brand new ones.

It wasn't such an issue with the Gameboy brand, but I actually know people ('casuals', shall we say) who still think WiiU is some sort of upgraded Wii, rather than a new console. At least there was a clear delineation between the NES/Super NES/Nintendo 64/Nintendo Gamecube/Nintendo Wii.

This 2DS is just muddying the waters even further. How many people are going to think, "If the 3DS is a DS with a 3D screen, then a 2DS is just a DS, right?".
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