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Re: 22nd century star clipper...

What you see here is the beginning of an idea I had from way back when I initially conceived of this design. These ships have an attach point where they can carry a large cargo pod if necessary. Yes, of course, there would be dedicated transports in the era and some could connect to multiples of these type of cargo pods. But in the event there isn't a regular transport available and a crisis might arise needing emergency supplies than a science reconnaissance or combat vessel could serve to grab one of these pods to make the emergency delivery. I did envision this design being built as a transport variant capable of holding three of these pods (a fast transport variant) but I don't if I'll actually model that for now. But I can put one of the pods into place on the Swiftsure because I already put the attach element in place, and it remains easy to put the pod in place or remove it. (basically I could just put it i in place and then make it invisible if I don't want to see it).

Of course I need to think about what kind of detail I want on the pod because a plain cylinder would be rather boring. I would think there would be access hatches and lighting of some sort on it as well as signage. I'm not going to get as detailed as modelling different kinds of pods (which, of course, there would be).

I did get this idea from FJ's transport/tug, or at least the cargo containers because I never really liked FJ's transport/tug design.

The other element I will model is the ship's laser array in deployed position.

Maybe down the road sometime I will model the fast transport variant as well as the combat ship.
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