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All 1996 era, of course. The remainder of the wishlist are in smaller roles (too small for the main poster). Here's the rest.

Bruce Campbell takes over the William Atherton role as the obnoxious reporter. He's assisted by Terry Ferrell.

Joey Hope Singer, still unknown now, but from FALLING DOWN, was picked to be Geary's 8-year-old kid sister, who becomes a hostage. Elizondo and Bujold are their parents.

Jenette Goldstein would assist Clancy Brown. She'd play Little Jones to his Big Jones.

Whoopi Goldberg, Nichelle Nichols and Majel Barrett were picked as the disbelieving radio dispatchers. Plus the story takes place April Fool's night, so Goldberg doesn't take the emergency report of 600 armed birds seriously at all....

The first three to die, all security guards, would be Bill Mumy, Brion James and Jerry Doyle. Halfway into the ''film'', four SWATcats are voiced by Steve Martin, Chris Farley, David Spade and Kadeem Hardison. Only Martin lives long enough to achieve legitimate character status. As for Farley, his cat is essentially shot diagonally in the direction of the moon, screaming SNL-style....

I believe that leaves only bit-part cameo hostages, portrayed by Janine Turner, Jaleel White, and, of course, Alan Rickman.

Next time I'll bring the focus back to the principal parts.
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