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Re: West Wing timeline divergence?

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I have never seen a complete episode but alternate histories fascinate me. Reagan first tried a Presidental run in 1976. He challenged Ford for the Republican nomination. Perhaps in this history he succeeded and became President early. But lost reelection to a fictional opponent.
Did you know that at one stage in the 1980 campaign, the Reagan team toyed with the idea of a co-presidency, bringing back Gerard Ford on a joint ticket? This was because of concerns about Reagan's experience and/or suitability for foreign affairs. IIRC, Ford was approached and did consider it, but I can't remember f he declined or the Reagan team decided against it.
According to this it was more or less mutually rejected:
  • Reagan had realized that getting Ford on the ticket probably wasn't worth giving up so much autonomy, and Ford had concluded that such an arrangement probably wouldn't work anyway.

    In the end, of course, the Reagan camp chose George H.W. Bush to fill out the ticket...Like Ford, Bush would help give the ticket geographic balance and provide valuable experience in the federal government. Unlike Ford, he wouldn't want to become a co-president.

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We could say that in The West Wing world there was an issue with Nixon resigning. Maybe Ford was never named VP and instead of following the line to the presidency (which is really screwed up by the 25th Amendment) that they instead had a special election.
Nothing in the constitution authorizes a special election to fill the vacancy, including the 25th Amendment.

I suppose that it is possible that the 25th Amendment in the "Bartlettverse" provides for a special election, which would put the time divergence at approximately 1967, when that amendment was ratified.
Yes it's a fictional TV show, anything is possible.
Yes, but it's often as, if not more, interesting to either have the reason for divergence explained or give the viewer enough clues that he or she can make some plausible guesses.
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