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Re: STVI without the racism

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I am aware of the meaning of varelse (according to Card). It means that communication and coexistence is impossible. Obviously communication between Klingons and Humans is possible, and that's why I said "almost seeming varelse". What I mean is that they seemed as if they could never coexist, regardless of communication-abilities. It was an admittedly imperfect analogy.
Fair enough. My response was abrupt and I apologize. I do take your meaning.

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Kirk has one previous reference to "Klingon bastards" and that's right after his son has been killed, and there's no other indications of racial dislike of Klingons until we get to TUC.
He used that phrase again in TFF when the BOP appeared from the behind the cliff where the malevolent entity was stalking him.


good call, I forgot about that one.
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The Trouble With Tribbles
KIRK: How close will we come to the Klingon outpost if we continue on our present course?
CHEKOV: One parsec, sir. Close enough to smell them.

Crewman #1: They all look alike.
Crewman #2: What about that smell?

I think we've established that David's murder gives Kirk sufficient reason to distrust Klingons. It doesn't help that they keep proving him right, coming after him time after time.

While there is revulsion from the others, I don't think of this as racism.
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