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Re: Resigning from Starfleet

Nobody in the movie considers Chekov a cadet. And the movie establishes that there's no age limit for going to Starfleet, nor a set length of time for the studies. We simply have Ensign Chekov, a very bright and very graduated kid.
Well .... I suppose its possible he entered the academy at age 13... Or he could be an ensign while in the academy. Lets let common sense prevail as to whether a child would be allowed into a military academy. The movie does make it clear that the standard time for the academy is four years ( which is very much in line with the pre abramverse ). Kirk of course pretty much completes it in three.

This all makes the assumption that Command school is not part of the basic program for Command cadets, and there is no evidence for that at all.
Sure is - from a commissioned officer of Lieutenant rank attending it in ST2!
Absolutely not, NOTHING suggests that Saavik is not a cadet and the incidental evidence implies that she is! Again there is nothing to suggest that Command school is not part of the basic curriculum and other sources suggest it is. the Starfleet academy game may not be canon but it has not been contradicted either - and even non canon stuff is checked for consistency.

hat's probably an issue to be tackled separately anyway. They had been friends for fifteen years, which is very early for even Kirk to be in Starfleet, and extremely early for Mitchell to be there if we're to consider the "age" given in his PSI exam. Although that's more probably just his age when he took the exam, not his age during the episode where he died.

It would seem we have to assume Kirk and Mitchell were friends first, and then they met at the Academy, where uninformed classmates of Mitchell warned him about a man he already well knew.
No, its clear from what Mitchell said he was not familiar with Kirk before he met him as a Lt at the academy ( otherwise he would certainly of mentioned it).

It has Uhura being referred to as Cadet while also being considered Lieutenant, and that's pretty much it. This happens during a hectic transitional period, for whatever its worth...
Yep Lt Uhura is clearly a cadet. no question about it. so she was a cadet and a lt. thats fairly explicit. no need for anyone to be given a rank or such if they already had it.

e know that Beverly took eight years to graduate from her Starfleet profile which was shown clearly on screen, and we know she was 18 when she entered the academy ( same document) ...The one where false parentage information was given, as later proven in "Sub Rosa" et al.? Seems the Satarran agent made a mistake or three.
Well either they the information was left alone and not meddled with, or the agent deliberately made everything up from scratch. again I will let common sense prevail. Of course there is no real reason why medical would take eight years instead of four, unless it was comparable to say, the fact it takes about that long to become an MD. and the fact that Bashirs statements and age in DS9 back it up.... could be a coincidence (after all he could be like Chekov and have enrolled at age 13 ).

We also learn from DS9, Explorers that Bashir was in medical school four years ago, which seems to be further evidence given he would have been 26ish at the time.

Heck, she departed as a full Commander! (plus, the timeline she herself gives suggests an earlier exam date anyway.)
No she left as a lt Commander, she says it was about 8 years ago she was THINKING about taking the exam, but thats not the same as taking it ( Doesn't she say she is not a line officer at one point in season one) makes sense she took it while she was away.
Apparently, taking the exam does give you brownie points, as
it's the explicit reason Deanna gets an extra half-pip. But it's not the only way to get that half-pip, and it doesn't necessarily give you that half-pip, or any half-pip for that matter. It's just one source for brownie points among others.

Stupid as is seems its fairly explicit that Deanna getting promoted to full commander is purely because she completed the exam.

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