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Re: Assignment: Earth - Is it Really a Star Trek Episode?

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For those interested, the Mission Log Podcast posted a bunch of archival documents related to this episode (and the potential spin-off) recently:
Wow, thanks! That 11/22/67 Solow memo is very revealing. The network felt the half-hour pilot was too much of a comedy, but apparently they would've been okay with keeping the "Omegan" element in the revised series. So I guess I wasn't off-base perceiving the pilot script as being like a sitcom. I just figured it was rejected because it was a very bad sitcom.

Oh, too bad they don't have the full first draft of the script. I'd like to know what role that Lt. Cooke was supposed to play.

The opening with them watching Bonanza (and promoting another NBC show) survived into the revised draft script, though it was less blatant in that version. I wonder if it was filmed and then cut, because the aired episode does open rather abruptly. Indeed, sometimes I wonder if it was originally aired with that scene but then had to leave it out of later releases for licensing reasons. Although I think we'd have heard about it if that were the case.

I wonder why Doohan was being held for the scenes being shot in Gary's office. Scotty was never there.
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