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Re: Art Asylum/Diamond Select Ships

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Well, I had it on my now-defunct website without a watermark. It happened to be one of the top images that comes up if you look up Enterprise cross-sections on Google (more often than not, the top one) and the same is true for the watermarked version I have on my DeviantArt account.

So if one plus one equals two, then they must have snagged it off there. Maybe they thought it was official?

I didn't know for a long time until a fellow board member pointed it out to me. (I don't actually own one.) I've never tried to get anything from them, because the way I figure it, it's fan art and I don't own the Enterprise design. It doesn't seem worth the effort.

I am slightly curious if it still appears on the newer-style boxes, though, if anyone knows.
Talk to a lawyer. You may be able to settle, paid in DD starships!
You should be entitled to a fleet of ships at least. Great art, by the way.

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Yeah, that happened to me too a while back. Some of you all may remember the Battlestar Galactica exhibit at the Sci-Fi Museum in Seattle. There was this big glass plaque next to the TOS filming miniature replica that had a faint image of a battlestar top-view schematic etched in it.

That was mine. I'd know my own work anywhere - errors and all. Saw it with my own eyes when I went to visit the exhibit with my wife a couple of years ago. No credits, no email requests, nothing.

It happens. Sometimes out of sheer non-malicious omission, sometimes because if it's an officially licensed and sanctioned event, they may feel they don't have to because they own the rights and, even though you did all the work, the intellectual property and copyrights still belong to them. Nature of the beast, I'm afraid.
I can't believe how frequently this sort of thing happens. Is everyone in this forum the victim of having their artwork pinched by official rights-holders or low-level license holders?
I'm sure they are honest mistakes, but it does uncover a level of surprising sloppiness in the field of graphic designers/art directors. Sure, lets do a google image search and do whatever we want with the results.

Again, love the work, very nice rendering.

Holy WTF. If I doodle a picture of Princess Diana on my desk does the British Royal Family own my desk?
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