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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

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Oh course it's not hard to consider whether a particular plot point is "enough of a spoiler" to be in spoiler code. What's hard is deciding what isn't a spoiler for someone. The fact is, every detail can be considered a spoiler and is considered a spoiler by someone. The question is not "Should we be considerate of others?". The question is "How realistically considerate can we be before we're being ridiculous?"
Which is why I think the best solution is this: the mods decide an appropriate time length (most I've spoken with have said six months or a year) after a novel's release during which spoiler tags are required. Everyone who posts at this site agrees to follow their rules (just like anything else). After the appointed time, anything about a book is fair game. If someone has problem with the time length, he or she can post elsewhere.

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