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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

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Oh, no. I'm not going to worry about other people's feelings when they are absolutely out of my control. No matter what we do, someone will feel something somewhere between irked and boiling mad, depending on their attitude, not mine. If I have to stop and think every time I post whether this or that tidbit will "spoil" something for someone, I'm not going to post anything interesting or with substance outside of a spoiler code. And if everything would have to be spoiler coded, then nothing is really spoiler coded.
It's not hard to think "Is this plot point enough of a spoiler that it should be in a spoiler code?". The latest book has a major spoiler released because the person who did it doesn't know how to use spoiler codes. I cannot speak for others who read that and now know a major plot point before reading the book. But something that big really should have been in a spoiler code.

We do get spoilers in places not expected. For example one thread recently had to have the word spoilers added to the thread topic because someone gave away a major spoiler to a book in a thread not labeled as such.

We have to find a balance that works. We do have to take into account others and how they might feel.
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