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Re: Continuity in star trek?

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It's rather arrogant to say that if they don't like season one of TOS, they're not going to enjoy Trek. There are tons of better seasons throughout the franchise out there in my opinion. It's really inappropriate to come out with a personal opinion as factual statement, especially when you're all but deterring a person away from the franchise as a whole.
Better than TOS Season 1? Which seasons would those be?

Besides, why should we coddle adellone? Not everyone newly exposed to Trek will like it, and we shouldn't pretend that they will. I wouldn't recommend continuing if they don't like the season that started the franchise! That's like hating math but wanting to be a high-energy particle physicist.

Besides, very little of Trek is continuity-rich, beyond the continuity of characters. If that is what the OP is seeking, I'm not going to lie and say it has what they're looking for when it doesn't, just to retain a new potential fan. Where's the honesty in that?
Better than TOS season 1? Read the rest of my prior post if you want my opinions on that. Not everyone is going to share your opinion. To me TOS was the foundation that bigger and better things were built upon. If you don't agree, that's great but you don't dictate what everyone else enjoys.

There's a rather large difference between coddling and just forcing your opinions as fact about the franchise as a whole. There's hundreds of hours of material. Not everyone is going to like the same parts and sometimes it's helpful to guide people towards the parts they might enjoy more. Even if they're not the same as yours. Really it's attitudes like yours that will run off new people. I'd hope that's not your goal.
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