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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Wow, totally shocked at the amount of people saying they don't care or that the prime line is dead...

I'm all for going back personally, rather than sitting through another Into Darkness, which basically used the same story and just switched characters when it came to 'Who dies of radiation poisoning' and piled in a load of CGI explosions etc.

Star Trek for me is about a story, not just constantly blowing things up and shouting. For me at the moment Star Trek is dead because I can't see what they can do other than keep rehashing old story lines and switching what happens to who. If we want new story's etc. we have to explore very late 24th century early 25th. Going forward is the best possible way to 'revive' trek. What Abrams has done 'could' have worked but Into Darkness killed it for me. I couldn't believe what I was watching. This is best example of someone who doesn't care for Star Trek, he just wanted another action movie. The writing was LAZY as hell. Shit I think my 3 year old son could have come up with something better.

This is also a reason I'm buying TNG on blu ray and re watching DS9 because I love the prime verse and certainly would have it back in a heart beat given the chance.
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