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Re: 12th Doctor Costume?

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While one might say, just go for the opposite of Matt - put an older actor in a younger man's costume
And now I have an image in my head of Capaldi wearing baggy jeans half way down his ass.
That's precisely the sort of thing I meant actually! There's another dad at my kids' school, much the same age as myself, maybe older (I'm 41) and he wears stuff like that. First day I saw him, he had pants hanging down his ass. I have wanted to beat him to death with my bare hands ever since.
It's odd, because on the one hand I think he'll be very smart and elegant (face it to some degree or another 9,10 and 11 have been every so slightly scruffy) but on the other hand I keep getting a slightly punk image in my head around Capaldi. Not talking safety pins or anything, I can just see a fairly traditional Victorian/Edwardian Doctor look that's offset by something very in your face.

Even Moffat's said that Smith was an old man in a young man's body and has intimated that Capaldi would be the reverse, so much as I imagine he'll lean towards a Pertwee look, I can't help but imagine something quite anarchic about his doctor and hence his look.

Think Third Doctor only instead of a frilly shirt a Sex Pistols t-shirt under the velvet smoking jacket!
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