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Re: College Football 2013

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At least Cal didn't embarrass themselves last night, but there were some really crappy decisions that went on. Also, I don't like the new harshness on targeting players. It's too subjective, and any decision can change the complexion of the game. The Cal player who got ejected didn't look like he was targeting, just playing football. I understand the need for hits to the head and I respect that, but when are we no longer going to see "football" because of these rules. When is it just going to be two hand touch or flag football. The defense has to play, just like the offense.
I saw that too. That kind of call is going to end up getting made in a high visibility game down the road and piss off a lot of people. Just a matter of time.
And that is my main problem with the rule. What if this happened in a big bowl game, or the National Championship game. Heck, we have playoffs on the way, what about one of those games. I think these rules committees need to go back and get a more concrete definition of the rule, and take the subjectivity out of it. They want to protect players and stop hits to the head, fine. Just don't put too much power in the official's hands.
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