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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I think itís clearly a race issue. Itís the Andorian race that is dying out. Itís the Andorian race that canít interbreed with any other races in the galaxy. The Andorian government is mad at the Federation for withholding information from the Andorians as a race of people, not as a planetary body.

And itís the Andorian race as a whole that is being questioned by the Federation and Starfleetóregardless of planetary affiliation (or lack thereof).
It's possible that there are no large Andorian populations outside of the Andorian Empire. If Andorians can find their reproductive partners only from among their own species in an ever-shrinking pool of potential partners, it wouldn't be very easy at all to set up an independent Andorian society cut off from that pool.
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