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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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If I were stipulating the ship, I'd probably have M/AM as my mains, Fusion as my auxiliary, Fission as my tertiary, emergency power and battery power would be based on either nuclear isomers or something similar to Metastabe Inner Molecular State (MIMS). Either way, battery output would be high-energy photos that would then need to be converted to electrical power.
Many thanks again, your feedback has been immensely helpful to make me adjust several of my assumptions.

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But I think gamma-rays could still an interesting and (perhaps) important part of the picture, just not in the way you originally thought. Instead of being a cosmic wind or a method of transferring energy from the reactors to the nacelles, it becomes a way to "energize" the warp coils. And in TMP & TNG, this would be some of the blue glow from the nacelles.
This would explain the need and procedure to "re-energize" the engines in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" from the surface of Delta Vega. Perhaps they re-energized the warp coils by transmitting high intensity gamma radiation from Delta Vega pinpointed at the warp nacelles?
But then, the blue glow has nothing to do with the Cerenkov Effect?

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Maybe there's still hope for Spock's recrystallization of dilithium crystals by means of gamma radiation.
This scene pissed me off when I first saw it --and I was still a teenager-- and it's not gotten better since.
Okay, never mind ST IV. Once we add the time paradox of Kirk's glasses ("a birthday gift from Dr. McCoy and it will be again - in the future") to the equation it becomes obvious that this film has to be enjoyed with grains of salt palatable only to the Salt Vampire.

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