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ENTER! Tv & Media Av contest: Tear-jerkers

Thanks for the votes, gang. This week's contest is about the movies that require a box of Kleenex, the three-hanky pictures, the sob-fests that get to us time and time again.

I'll allow all genres, but it has to be film as a whole, not just one scene within the film, that does you in emotionally. For example, I don't think JAWS is generally considered a tear-jearker, even if you teared up at Robert Shaw's tale of the USS Indianapolis. So, Green Mile? Yes. Wrath of Khan? No.
Standard BBS av rules apply. Any av that doesn't meet size requirements won't be entered into the poll. Please only post avs you intend to enter.
The poll will go up Friday.

My choice is a movie that had my entire college film class sobbing, even the macho football players. The professor brought boxes of tissues to pass around and we definitely needed them.

Testament, with Jane Alexander, 1983
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