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Re: 12 Monkeys pilot greenlit by Syfy

DonIago wrote: View Post
They sent Jose to push Cole in the direction they wanted him to go in.
Why is it so important to them? What happens if he goes in a direction they don't want him to go in?

J.T.B. wrote:
Besides, if things can change then Cole's dream isn't such a big deal.
Huh? It can be a big deal either way. Cole's dream isn't a Force vision, it's a memory. Obviously if he changes the timeline things would turn out differently from what he remembers.

J.T.B. wrote:
To keep an eye on and try and control the increasingly erratic, disobedient and newly-untrackable Cole.
But why do they really need to control him? What's the worst that can happen, given that we know they sent others like Jose back as well, and thus have other people in place to carry out the mission if Cole simply disappears? By interfering with him they imply that they don't want him to change things.
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