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Re: Embarassing moments during good episodes

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When I was a little kid, I was kinda embarrassed by Kirk being apparently naked in the android creating machine in What Are Little Girls Made Of?
I thought Shatner looked pretty good implicitly naked and in semi-bondage. And I'm not even gay!

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I cant remember the Episode, but when Kirk starts spouting shit about, to paraphrase, "No frantic dancing" and "Not too much deck tennis", I had to check it wasn't a 1930s British Ealing Comedy.
Cringeworthily bad dialogue.
100% agree----terrible, terible dialogue from Balance of Terror I believe.
Here's the exact dialogue:
KIRK: I wish I were on a long sea voyage somewhere. Not too much deck tennis, no frantic dancing, and no responsibility. Why me? I look around that Bridge, and I see the men waiting for me to make the next move. And Bones, what if I'm wrong?
MCCOY: Captain, I --
KIRK: No, I don't really expect an answer.
I love that scene. It gives us insight into Kirk's character, his almost obsessive need for command together with his penchant for self-doubt and occasionally wishing he could just chuck it all. We hear similar sentiments in Kirk's "No beach to walk on" speech in "The Naked Time" and Capt. Pike's exchange with Dr. Boyce in "The Cage."

Or will deck tennis and frantic dancing be obsolete in the 23rd century?
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