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Re: Resigning from Starfleet

Opinions on NuTrek obviously vary but we see cadets with rank in that ( not least our seventeen year old Chekov).
Nobody in the movie considers Chekov a cadet. And the movie establishes that there's no age limit for going to Starfleet, nor a set length of time for the studies. We simply have Ensign Chekov, a very bright and very graduated kid.

We know that Beverly took eight years to graduate from her Starfleet profile which was shown clearly on screen, and we know she was 18 when she entered the academy ( same document)
...The one where false parentage information was given, as later proven in "Sub Rosa" et al.? Seems the Satarran agent made a mistake or three.

This all makes the assumption that Command school is not part of the basic program for Command cadets, and there is no evidence for that at all.
Sure is - from a commissioned officer of Lieutenant rank attending it in ST2!

That evidence is no less valid than the evidence for Kirk attending while a Cadet; both are simply true in the Trek universe, and not contradictory in any way.

That being the case we can have Kirk teaching at the academy after the Farragut incident - not sure if that fits with the length of time Mitchell is said to be friends with Kirk though.
That's probably an issue to be tackled separately anyway. They had been friends for fifteen years, which is very early for even Kirk to be in Starfleet, and extremely early for Mitchell to be there if we're to consider the "age" given in his PSI exam. Although that's more probably just his age when he took the exam, not his age during the episode where he died.

It would seem we have to assume Kirk and Mitchell were friends first, and then they met at the Academy, where uninformed classmates of Mitchell warned him about a man he already well knew.

As mentioned before the NuTrek universe certainly has cadets holding rank
It has Uhura being referred to as Cadet while also being considered Lieutenant, and that's pretty much it. This happens during a hectic transitional period, for whatever its worth...

FWIW, I don't think thats the same as command school, merely a way for non Line officers to become line officers.
Or, from what we actually hear said, for staff officers to gain the clearance to stand bridge watches. Which isn't actually that big a step, considering how menial a duty the bridge watch really is.

My guess would be that Beverly took the exam while she spent a year at Starfleet medical since she returns as a full commander
Heck, she departed as a full Commander! (plus, the timeline she herself gives suggests an earlier exam date anyway.)

Apparently, taking the exam does give you brownie points, as it's the explicit reason Deanna gets an extra half-pip. But it's not the only way to get that half-pip, and it doesn't necessarily give you that half-pip, or any half-pip for that matter. It's just one source for brownie points among others.

The manner in which Crusher later became a four-pipped, redshirted starship commanding officer ("All Good Things..") is not explicated, but may well have involved far more substantial studies sometime after the TV show years.

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