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Re: 12 Monkeys pilot greenlit by Syfy

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The point is that just because the character was told time travel was impossible, that doesn't absolutely have to mean that it's impossible. Sometimes characters in a story, even scientists, are wrong about how things work.
But that doesn't address what I was talking about, which was what the time travelers' objectives would be: Information gathering, which they thought would be of benefit, or history changing, which they did not.

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That doesn't rule it out of course, but given the nature of the film itself did any of us really expect sunshine and lollipops at the end?
Uh.. yes? Maybe? Cole easily could have succeeded.
The evidence in the movie is against it, everything in the movie that had happened in future did happen. Besides, if things can change then Cole's dream isn't such a big deal.

And if the scientists were so certain the timeline could not be changed, why did they send Jose and others?
To keep an eye on and try and control the increasingly erratic, disobedient and newly-untrackable Cole.
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