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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I buckled down and bought the Redemption disc today, and I'm glad I did. I've been complaining this entire thread about the Bonus features not being up to the standards they set with the previous releases, and then I just watched Empire at War. Man what a bonus material this was. It makes me sad that we might have to buy extra discs to get good material (A direction taken with Star Trek Into Darkness that's pissing me off because it might become normal and that's scary), but this is the kind of Special feature I expect from the blu-ray.

I loved this feature, and when they brought on Gwyneth Walsh to talk about B'Etor, I was like, yep, this is the best special feature on the Season 4 sets. Not only that, but Dan Curry (Who I think is kind of boring) talking about the Bat'Leth was amazing, especially showing the climatic fight scene between Worf and Duras to end "Reunion". If there was one thing I wish they would have had in this feature, it would be tying in the romulan story, but I almost expect that to be in the Unification set. I mean that episode featured Sela too, so we might just see the set just feature all the Romulan stories and maybe do a tribute to Andreas Katsulas. Coming back to this feature, I'm glad I bought the disc just for this feature. I'll watch the episode, but the feature was more than enough to justify the purchase.
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