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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

What it has to do with other people's rights to enjoy stories in their own way is that I shouldn't have to concern myself with what they have and have not consumed when I post on TrekBBS. I cannot keep track of what has been released and where it has been released and whether or not Poster X has read it or seen it or is even aware of its existence. I will not be held responsible for spoiler coding details because it's not my job to protect other people from the knowledge of the plot of stories. There is no plot detail in the world that is so insignificant that someone won't cry "hey that's a spoiler!" when a detail is mentioned in passing in another thread about a different subject.

If you want to get technical, then let's see some sales data on the novels. When do the sales trail off? One day after release? One year? When the sales trail off, then I think we could say that the people who can and want to purchase the novel have done so, and that details of the stories can be discussed in the clear. I would prefer a policy based in real data than an arbitrary guess at how long spoiler code should be used in this forum in order to protect readers from themselves.

Boil it down and my point is yours. Read TrekBBS defensively. You said it yourself, Christopher. Now you are at odds with me over the way I restated your own point? Not to mention that your analysis of my "attitude" is unnecessary. What does your view of my attitude have to do with the discussion?
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