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Re: Blu Rays Aspect Ratio Question

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Cool, thanks for the pictures and video, makes a lot more sense when you actually see it than hear the theory. Bummer for Seinfeld fans in a lot of ways that it's cropped.

One question still unanswered: Was DS9 shot differently, or VOY? If they were shot the same then I hope they do keep it the same.
They likely were shot the same or in a similar fashion they'd have no reason to do anything different. I again play my "director's intent" card as well as my "you watched it 4:3 for x-years, why make it different NOW because your TV is bigger?" card. This is the opposite problem people had with "wide-screen" DVDs back with 4:3 TVs. Stop obsessing over every square millimeter of the screen being filled and stay satisfied with the OAR.
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