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Re: West Wing timeline divergence?

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I have never seen a complete episode but alternate histories fascinate me. Reagan first tried a Presidental run in 1976. He challenged Ford for the Republican nomination. Perhaps in this history he succeeded and became President early. But lost reelection to a fictional opponent.
Did you know that at one stage in the 1980 campaign, the Reagan team toyed with the idea of a co-presidency, bringing back Gerard Ford on a joint ticket? This was because of concerns about Reagan's experience and/or suitability for foreign affairs. IIRC, Ford was approached and did consider it, but I can't remember f he declined or the Reagan team decided against it.

I believe that it was from this concept that Dick Cheney (who was a prominent figure in Reagan and Ford's administrations) had the idea of such a high-profile and influential VP as he would later become.
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