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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

From my comment on DRG's Facebook page...

Mr. George,

I have just finished your latest novel only a couple of hours ago. I wished to share my thoughts with you.

First of all thank you for making explicit statements regarding time (Saying that this event happened six months ago or that event happened two years ago.) as it made it easier for me to have a sense of the flow of events since the Destiny trilogy. All too often the novels are written in such a way as to make it feel like everything happened just a few days ago.

Second of all, you clearly understand both DS9 and it's fans very well. We like to be challenged, we like stories that deal honestly with the complexities of life. We don't like the trite or the obvious. In many ways this novel feels like the true re-relaunch of DS9 with the Dark Sisko (my nickname because of where things start for him) trilogy serving as a series of movies bridging the gap between the first relaunch and this.

Thirdly, you actually managed to surprise me at the end. Not an easy task. I am eager to know what happens next both in The Fall storyline and also with DS9 in particular.

I also felt that you largely captured the character voices rather nicely. There were a couple of moments with President Bacco that didn't quite hit my "ear" right but I chalk some of that up to her being in unusual circumstances and perhaps even slightly nervous (it's when she's talking to Odo and she seems kind of "fake" in her way of speaking but I can imagine that if I was faced with Odo and that glare of his I'd sound a bit out of character too). Over all though everyone sounds spot on. And thank you for not over doing the um uh's from Rom. Some things as I'm sure you know when spoken are bearable and when read become horribly tedious. You put in enough to give the sense of how Mr. Grodenchik portrayed him but not so much that the Jar Jar effect took hold.

A couple of questions. "Sector General". That really came out of left field and kind of bugged me, but thanks to my Kindle I did a quick search and found out about a series of novels set in a space hospital. Am I correct in believing that you are paying homage to that?

Also in the (for want of a better term) reception area, is the Jack mentioned the same one from the two Augment episodes wherein Sarina Douglas was introduced and explored?

Alright enough of my rambling. Good work. I'll be looking forward to your next novel and your next DS9 offering.

As for the revelation about a central event... Look if you care that much if spoilers bother you that much than they do, but frankly some of you carry on to a degree that I personally find a little ridiculous. It would be like finding out that if you follow a certain road at the end is San Francisco and proclaiming that the whole trip is now ruined.

The most extreme example in my opinion are people over in Wholand who got pissed off because people didn't spoiler code the HUGE FUCKING PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT about who will be playing the next Doctor. Bottom line if you are really that spoiler adverse I'd advise pretty much staying the fuck off the internet because spoilers not only live here but they breed with a rapidity rivaled only by Tribbles.
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