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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

True. And yet I can look up Mousetrap on Wikipedia and learn who "dunnit" without sitting through the play. Will I never go see The Mousetrap now? I still might. Because knowing how it ends is only part of the experience of seeing the play. Surely there is more to a story than the number and type of plot twists it contains.

Is The Empire Strikes Back unwatchable now that "Luke I am your father" (really "No. I am your father") is a pop culture meme? Does the enjoyment of TESB rest solely on the shocking revelation on Luke and Vader's relationship? Because if that is the case, then how can people ever watch it more than once? How can anything be watched more than once if the story's entertainment value rests only on plot details - "spoilers" - that can't be enjoyed more than once?

The onus to avoid learning details about unconsumed stories is on the individual seeking to enjoy a story in an "unspoiled" way. It is not the responsibility of the rest of us to protect others from "spoilers".

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It is so you do not ruin things for others. If I had tickets to Mousetrap and someone told me how it ended and spoiled it for me before I saw it, I would be really pissed.
But would you still go see it, or would you throw your tickets away in disgust and forfeit the money spent? Were you going for an experience, or were you going to find out who the murderer was?
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