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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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So you see a master plan in one episode using letter-coded class names and fail to notice that no other episode ever used them?
Since no other classification alternative (except for the small print on a display on a small monitor) was ever presented in TOS this is obviously what had been intended. I can't see what quantity has to with it.
And thus I must again insist that you are suffering from a lamentable mental ailment. Your claim makes no sense at all, except as a form of delusion.

"What was intended" is a concept that simply does not exist for TOS. One episode says one thing, another says something completely different - naturally enough, as they were written by different people without coordination. If by some accident one episode's ideas aren't contradicted by those of another, then that certainly isn't evidence of some sort of a divine plan. It's a coincidence.

Again I must reiterate that only sick people see patterns where none exist. Or, more exactly, we all see patterns, but most of us are healthy enough to realize they don't exist for real.

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You're just being delusional again.
Look who's talking. That's not your usual style, Timo, debasing someone like you just did. Are you running out of arguments? [/quote]

Nope - the argument that you are stark raving mad (in this respect) is the only relevant one.

(I do realize it's probably just pretense on your part. Or at least I hope it is. But for the purposes of this discussion, I have to take it dead seriously, of course.)

Now if you see your deeply faulted reasoning for what it is in this specific occasion, perhaps we can get back to arguing about actual facts with the understanding that nonexistent patterns should not enter the discussion.

Are you starting to realize that once we sever the conjectural connection between "Constitution Class" and the TOS Enterprise there are more answers and solutions than questions and discrepancies?
Now that's a whole different ball game. And I'm certainly game for that. Just stop pretending that the people who made TOS intended any of this. It's us who are responsible for such made-up patterns, especially the more pleasing ones.

...lack of interest to figure out what the original creators may have intended to tell us.
Now that's again insanity speaking. "May have intended" is not something you can figure out. It's something you have to invent out of whole cloth, and then retroactively decide that it doesn't exactly contradict what little we know of the intentions of the creators.

Timo Saloniemi
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