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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray Problem

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There are reports out that make Bad Robot at least partly responsible besides Paramount.
Are there? I've seen vague allusions to rumors of such reports, but has there been anything concrete upon which us regular folks might cast an eyeball?
We've got a lengthy quote from a confidential inside source at the bottom of our TrekCore STID review.
Which would be this?
From a source I spoke to familiar with the situation (who requested that we not publish their name):
"Bad Robot had 100% control [over the VAM production], it was all produced in-house, which is new - and they delivered the content to Paramount, who had basically no say.

It's possible - and this is speculation - that the Bad Robot content was delivered late; because account-specific features typically have a later deadline than the Blu-ray, it could have been thrown to different SKUs. That's a 'nice' way of looking at it.

The other possibility is that those retail outlets paid for the extra content. Could Bad Robot have sought out those exclusive deals? Possibly... for sure, this is not JUST Paramount's doing. Nothing happened with that Blu-ray that wasn't discussed and approved by Bad Robot, even if Paramount drove the decisions.

My point is, I think it's fair to say that Bad Robot was involved in the split VAM decision, and it's naive to think otherwise - because at Paramount, it's JJ's world. If anyone is disappointed in the Blu-ray, criticize the responsible parties - not only the 'faceless' studio."
Bottom line: The old joke about Trek releases becoming "double dip" purchases is once again being told with Star Trek Into Darkness - but this time, it's no laughing matter.
(bold emphasis mine)

While this "inside source" may be familiar with the situation and may indeed be making an honest assessment based upon extensive experience in that area of the industry, there still seems to be a certain amount of "possible" and "speculation" to the above. Firmer than rumor, perhaps, but neither is it quite concrete.
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