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Re: General order 24, were Kir kand Scotty bluffing?

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It's not useless. The planet's threat to Federation shipping will come to an end. That's what they get for messing with greater powers. The fools were lucky they didn't get the chance to try this shit on the Klingons.
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We may not understand how their virtual war worked but it was their system and the only casualties are those ships that ignored the code 7-10.
The problem being that they didn't have some type of waiver system built into their war "treaty" to cover such an eventuality. Kirk would have happily left but was forced into settling their war for them because of it.
Eminiar and Vendikar were not a threat to shipping. They posted a big "Do Not Enter. This Means You" sign in the form of Code 7-10, a code that is apparently an internationally know standard.

KIRK: Code seven-ten means under no circumstances are we to approach that planet. No circumstances what so ever.
FOX: You will disregard that signal, Captain.
KIRK: Mister Fox, it is their planet.
FOX: Captain, in the past twenty years, thousands of lives have been lost in this quadrant. Lives that could have been saved if the Federation had a treaty port here. We mean to have that port and I'm here to get it.
KIRK: By disregarding code seven-ten, you might well involve us in an interplanetary war.
FOX: I'm quite prepared to take that risk.
KIRK: You are. I'm thinking about this ship, my crew.
Fox is looking for a port, presumably for search & rescue or emergency repairs as well as trade. A Treaty Port is also one that is imposed by a more powerful power against a lesser one, essentially giving them no choice but to accept.

Kirk could have refused to follow Fox's order. It wouldn't be the first time and he'd be in the right.

As further proof that Eminiar wasn't to blame for the loss of life in the quadrant let's look at this.

SPOCK: We know very little about them. Their civilisation is advanced. They've had space flight for several centuries, but they've never ventured beyond their own solar system. When first contacted more than fifty years ago, Eminiar Seven was at war with its nearest neighbour.
They've never ventured beyond their own solar system. So they are not attacking anyone. We know that they are at war. Again, that does not involve the Federation. The Federation are the ones that ignore the warning and place themselves in a war that they know nothing about.

Eminair and Vendikar are simply sitting in the own system, telling everyone else to stay out in no uncertain terms. It's their system. What they do there is none of our business. We may find it appalling but it's not for us to judge.

Unless the Federation is going to take it upon themselves to stop every war that they come across then they have no business getting involved in this one.
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