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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

Resurrecting an old thread because I wanted to comment on it, but wanted to see if such a thread existed first. I enjoy some of the Voyager stories, but I agree that the series rather weakened it. Species 8472 was ridiculously powerful, and it annoys me that the Borg were unable to utilize any creativity at all to develop a means of defeating them. Also, when Voyager destroyed the scout ship, it annoys me that the scouts tried to deactivate the photon torpedo. You'd think they could just beam it right back off their ship, and since they had demonstrated the ability to beam through shielding before (such as in FC), they could have even beamed it onto Voyager. And Seven of Nine's parents had a device that made them invisible to the Borg--that's pretty silly. The Borg were frightening and mysterious is TNG. In VOY they were predictable and weak. Kind of disappointing
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