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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

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They really hit one helluva pothole with the Howard Anderson company who just couldn't seem to get it together for the f/x. It was so bad they had to cobble together the visuals for the opening credits from essentially leftovers. HA comes across as totally lost and out of their element. If they hadn't been so back logged they should have have dumped HA's ass right there. Instead they ended up having four different f/x houses working for them at the same time.
They were pretty much stuck with the Howard Anderson Company because it was located on the Desilu lot and the company had some sort of deal with the studio for the TOS effects (like they got a break on the rent if they did the effects for Trek plus the deal kept a paying company at the studio albeit at a reduced rate). That is the only reason that the TOS production folks were seemingly so patient to get the effects; their hands were tied. It was only after they forced themselves in on HA to see the filmed footage that had been done that it became obvious to all including the studio heads that HA couldn't handle the load and thus; the production enlisted other effects houses. Something that no doubt would have been done much earlier if they had not been tied to the HA company by the studio.

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