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Re: Voth vs. the Borg

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Novels is another way of saying "noncanon".

It in of itself is a disclaimer.


Res ipsa loquitur.

I think I remember that in Vorloneese... Jingle, jangel jingle, jangle, jangle...

The truth points to itself.

Novels are cool, but not canon.
Novels all written pre-Path to 2409 were all written pretty off the hip with the intent to try to make them mesh; however, anything after that point is pretty much considered heavy efforts to restart trekdom and hudge efforts were made to ensure continuity.

Besides, everytime that word canon comes up --- it is such a sloppy word. Canon quiet literally means what YOU accept as hardline continuity and thus makes it a very sloppy word to try to define something.

See Definition: Canon
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