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Re: Classic Doctor Who DVDs reversible covers

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It's nice that they did that, do all soundtrack releases have matching covers now or is there a gap between them changing the look and starting reversible covers that was never closed?
There's two gaps, the Cybermen set containing The Invasion and Tenth Planet, and the Silurian/Sea Devil set. But if you only have mostly missing stories those aren't so much a concern.

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I spend the last 30 minutes reversing all new covers, turns out the stupid "creature from the pit" DVD is the only one without a reversible cover.
Actually it does, or rather it did. Just seems to have got lost in a more recent reprinting.

Most fans mock the need for the reversable cover, I for one am glad of it. Apparently when it started it was so they could do a more drastic change of style but that seemed to have got called off.
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