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Re: General order 24, were Kir kand Scotty bluffing?

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In Tase of Armageddon we see Kirk yell at Scott over an open communicator to prepare for General Order 24. Later we hear Scott say that the entire inhabited surface of Eminiar 7 would be destroyed. Would they have done so?
I don't think General Order 24 was about destroying the entire inhabited surface of Eminiar 7. General Order 24 was about BLUFFING to destroy the entire inhabited surface.

If time had run out, we would hear Scotty say "Well, they didn't fall for that bluff, now what?"
Let us consult the Sacred Texts....

In reviewing the Revised Final Draft shooting script for "A Taste of Armageddon," dated December 12, 1966 written by Robert Hamner and Gene L. Coon, just after Kirk orders General Order 24 and says "I didn't start it, Councilman. But I'm liable to finish it," there is actually another scene that didnt make it into the final cut of the episode:


Scott is sitting silently in the command seat. McCoy stands
by, staring sympathetically at him. There is a long moment
of silence.


Are you going to do it?


You heard the captain. The order was clear.


They'll die down there.


Blast you, McCoy! Don't you think I know that?

McCoy stares at him, shakes his head, turns away and stands
there silently, staring at nothing. The bridge is totally silent.

It doesn't look like it was supposed to have been a bluff.
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