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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Two issues 61 it was revealed that Director Bones and Felix Faust were members of Shadowpact and that Faust and Bones are bound together sort to speak. The Smallville roster of Shadowpact is different from the comics version. Mister Bones was their commander back in World War II and John Zatara was a member as well. Batman provides Clark with this information. Faust demands that Director Bones bring Diana in. He needs her to free his master and is blackmailing him to do so. Which brings us to..

Smallville Season 11 #62. We are now halfway through "Olympus" as things are starting to heat up. The DEO and General Lane aggressively work together to apprehend Diana. Steve Trevor defies orders to protect Diana of which results in Director Bones disavowing him and issuing a burn notice. Superman arrives to save Trevor from a bullet and tells him to run, Lois is waiting for him in an alley. Diana has managed to flip General Lane's tank at this point as well, while Director Bones is getting agitated and impatient and demands that Diana bring herself in and the attack will cease. Superman hopes that Lane evacuated the city before bringing a tank into it, of which Lane assures him he did and that this is a presidential order and that Superman will find another way. Diana says she will submit if the D.E.O. will show her will her mother is. Bones replies that he will do just that. Meanwhile Faust makes a bloodspell that bounds him to Diana, he wants to know a location within the DEO...and that is where we end revealing Hippolyta chained in a holding facility...wearing a Wonder Woman outfit Q strikes again with awesomeness.
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