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Re: General order 24, were Kir kand Scotty bluffing?

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Scotty, being the man that he was, knew that Kirk had a really good reason to give that order, and that it wasn't given lightly or for a trivial reason. A lesser man may have second-guessed Kirk, or simply wimped out and refused to carry out such an order, but Scotty stood by his captain.
Scotty knew in his heart of hearts that he wasn't going to have to carry out that order. He knew Kirk was going to resolve the situation. He knows Kirk's that awesome. Everyone should know that by now after 40 years.
I imagine he hoped so. The episode takes the MAD doctrine (mutually assured destruction) and turns it on its head here. The two planets were a danger to anyone who came near over the last centuries of their Gameboy war. They'd made the war manageable, perhaps even a grim population control system that kept off the burdens of overpopulation. We have no idea how fairly their system selected people for the disintegration booths so who knows whether they were doing some social culling through this process. Kirk and co. brought real war back to them and real planetary obliteration, whether from Enterprise within the hour or Vendikar down the road. Kirk assumed, and was born out right, that folks of any small sense would back down from letting such firepower loose.
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