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Re: thoughts on alice eve returning as carol marcus

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NuTrek's dumbass obsession with recapturing the magic of TWOK needs to stop.
"NuTreks's obsession"? Hm.

From the very week the first movie opened in May 2009, the one question Abrams/Orci/Kurtzman could count on hearing every single time they turned around—from every single interviewer, entertainment-mag writer, or Trek-zine reporter—was this:

"You guys are going to do Khan next, right?"

And if you go back to threads in this forum from the same time period, which discussed what should happen/who should be seen in the next movie, Khan was at the top of the list for a heck of a lot of people. Sure, the Bad Robot crew could have done a different story, even one with no callbacks to TWoK and no Khan at all—I could have been quite happy if they'd gone that route instead—but I think chalking up what we did get to any obsession on the part of the filmmakers is probably overstating things a bit.
I count the 2009 movie in my description. It didn't do it nearly as much as STID did, but the callbacks were there... they were much more subtle in the 2009 movie though and therefore more palatable. I liked it.

STID was in the holding pattern of TWOK from start to end. Having Khan as the villain was always going to do that, but tbh I found some of the other stuff just overegged the pudding. Carol Marcus included. They could have done a much more subtle homage to Khan without ripping quite so many dispariate elements from it.

In my view NuTrek (collectively) desperately needs to break away from it's TWOK obsession. It needs to give these new versions of the characters their chance to shine in a completely new story that isn't going to be (unfairly) compared to the movie series' inarguable goal post. The involvement of Carol Marcus in the plot would to me be an unfortunate indication that they are unwilling to break the leash from TWOK.
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