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Re: Stargate Curious

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The show began on Showtime.
That means nothing to me I'm afraid.

Just finished S1. Its a pretty decent first season, with some interesting stories, setting up a lot of important plot points for the series, and some nice character moments as well. Not blown away by it, but willing to give it a bash and see where it goes.

Have to say I was very disappointed to have to endure a "clip show", especially when the segments from previous episodes were so long. 'Politics' could have been far more interesting and enjoyable an episode if they'd focused more on the present threat to the SGC rather than what's already been seen--I wound up fast-forwarding through the flashbacks.

Also what were people's first opinion of O'Neill? I go from liking him in one episode to finding him irritating in the next. He's better to watch than Archer ever was, but hasn't yet become the kind of leader I can get all the way behind.
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