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Re: Dexter - The Final Season (Spoiler Discussion)

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I look in this thread from time to time just to see if people are catching on to just how godawful Dexter has become since it lost its way in season four.
In season four or since season four?

The Lithgow Trinity killer was the highlight of the series, IMHO. Although perhaps I remember it poorly, was Rita unusually, over-the-top annoying in that season? Oh well, it all worked out in the end. I thought Lithgow was a fascinating foil for Dex. Can't say that the seasons since then have been incredibly satisfying.

I guess if you never "bought" that Litgow was the monster he was, it wouldn't have worked. For me, he well surpassed whatever remaining typecast ideas I had about him being from either 3rd Rock or Harry and the Hendersons. I thought Lithgow channeled some complex performances out of The Trinity Killer. If I ever rewatch Dexter it'll be seasons 1-2 and 4. That's it.

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In any case, I can't say I have much interest in exploring Dexter's past anymore anyway. By this point, the story should have been focused much more on whatever future he might have, and with his big showdown with the police. That's what we've all been looking forward to the last few years.
Great point. The past is always being endlessly drawn up and reviewed in detail. I hope for Dex's sake his "mind father" evaporates when the series ends. Jesus Christ, who would want their own father's ghost following them around forever, giving them continuous advice during your day? We never see the mundane aspects of it, when Papa Morgan berates Dex for not flossing enough or undercooking his dinner.
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