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Re: General order 24, were Kir kand Scotty bluffing?

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I agree, the time scotty was prepared and ready to commit genocide was indded his finest hour!
You are ignoring the big picture. Eminiar and Vendikar were committing genocide (ironically against their own people with those disintegration booths) for 500 years. Kirk's ordering of, and Scotty's implementation of General Order 24 would have ended it, once and for all.

Scotty, being the man that he was, knew that Kirk had a really good reason to give that order, and that it wasn't given lightly or for a trivial reason. A lesser man may have second-guessed Kirk, or simply wimped out and refused to carry out such an order, but Scotty stood by his captain.

A real-world parallel would be the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which ultimately saved lives in the long run by bringing WWII to an end in 1945, instead of allowing the fighting to continue for several more years.

Look up the word genocide.

What they were doing for 500 years was absolutely not genocide.

1 to 3 million deaths a year is not genocide

55 to 60 million people on earth were killed in WWII--that's 10 million a year and Earth population ingeneral wasn't anything close to being exterminated--in fact the earths overall population grew during that 6 year period.

Spock himself said the solution had a certain logic to it---a planet commiting genocide would not fall into thaty category.

Wars, famine and diseases kill a lot more people on earth every year than 3 million and we are not facing planetwide genocide or extermination.

Scotty's statement " one hour the entire inhabited surface of your planet will be destroyed."

IS genocide and I'm proud the writers had the guts to have the Ent crew willing to do it to save the lives of their hostages. if only we had the guts to commit genocide to prove to our adversaries how tough and badass we are!
Tough shit.
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