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AMT shuttlecraft - Alt Universe Style

Those of you following my modeling work know I have been working in an alternate universe of late. Here is the Clare, #1 shuttlecraft of the UES Constellation in my United Earth Interstellar Confederation universe. The model is the AMT original series shuttlecraft (25th Anniversary pop of the kit) and the decals (except for the windows, impulse engines, and door button which are kit originals) are custom to my specification by JDecals.
The upper hull is Testors silver, the lower hull is Tamiya IJN gray (Sasebo Arsenal). Nacelle forward caps were painted white and then dipped in Tamiya clear orange. Nacelle aft caps were brushed with Tamiya metallic gray. Highlights on the nacelles and underside are in Tamiya copper and bronze.
The final clear coat is drying now, and tomorrow it will get hung up in my daughter's room. More pics will follow at that time.
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