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Re: College Football 2013

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That was mostly on Wittek though. He was terrible.

And it doesn't look like has improved all that much.

I don't know about Kiffin. I think he's okay. Unless he can suit up at QB, there's not much he can do.
Maybe, but that whole team just didn't show up in that game. They obviously didn't want to be there and it showed. The Wittek excuse is fine for the bowl game but the PAC-12 wasn't that deep last year and USC really struggled against teams that didn't come close to having the same talent they did.
Last year was a tremendous disappointment. I look at the defense for a lot of that. The Trojans were undisciplined, and got a lot of stupid penalties to extend opponent's drives.

I'm no Kiffin apologist, I'm really kind of on the fence with him. I'm not sure how much is his fault. I don't have strong feelings one way or the other about the man.
Well he is going to get another shot this year with an extremely talented team. I would think Kiffin would be wearing out his grace period if he can't get this team to win.
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