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Re: Spoilers in Books: A Discussion.

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^I often seem to receive my copy of a new book Down Under a few days - sometimes even a week - before anyone in the US. Does that mean I can quickly skim read it and post spoilery details of each book within hours of receiving it? Even before Pavonis has read it?

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Sure. It might piss some people off, but I would read it right away, and I have a feeling there are probably quite a few other people on here who would too.
No, because each book doesn't arrive in each world location at the same time. Some places still have a two to three-month delay due to distributors using sea freight.

Can I stand outside live theatres showing Shakespeare or Agatha Christie plays shouting "XXXXX dunnit!"? Those stories have been around for years, after all.

The only reason not to do it is because it might be dangerous for your health. And besides, at this point the kinds of people who would go see an Agatha Christie or Shakespeare movie are the kinds of people who would know the ending already.
I'm impatient, so I'll admit, I tend to look stuff from stories up as soon as the story details are available. The first thing I did on the release date for STID was look it up on Wikipedia to see who Harrison really was.
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