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Help me select books, once again

As a member of LibraryThing I like doing a Category Challenge each year. Last August, when I posted a similar thread to I got many good suggestions so I thought I would ask for help once again. I have around $350 to spend.

Other people doing the challenge often choose a theme so I thought I would do that this year. I am basing my 2014 categories on Tasmanian placenames. 14 separate categories. I have decided that I must read at least 4 books in each category.

So far I have come up with the following

Murdering Gully Road - murder mysteries (need no help selecting these - unless someone can recommend a mystery fron Spain, Portugal or South America.

Beginner's Bay - first in a series. Fiction excluding mysteries
1) Hood (The Raven King book 1) by Stephen Lawhead

Mother-in-Law's Leap - new genres (poetry, graphic novels, plays, letters. speeches) . Suggestions needed.

1) Great Speeches by Native Americans by Bob Blaisdell.

The Land of Little Sticks - Amazon Kindle singles or novellas (less than 100 pages in length). Suggestions needed. I would especially like some sci-fi to put in this category.

Twelvetrees Range (which is named after William Harper Twelvetrees who was a well-known Tasmanian geologist) - books about geology or novels that have a geologist as a main character. Suggestions needed.

Howrah/Mangalore (placenames in both Tasmania and India) - books set in India (no help needed here - I have a small backlog of Indian books)

Bay of Fires (Placename in Tasmania and the capital of Iceland is Reykavik “Smoky Bay” - close enough) - books about Iceland . No help needed. I have a backlog of Icelandic books

Noah’s Waterhole - books about animals. Possible choose animals that have a placename in Tasmania (Penguin, Dromedary, Elephants Pass, Cuckoo, Emu River, Badger Creek, Mole Creek etc)

One of the following - Mount Lot, Lot's Wife, Walls of Jerusalem, Paradise, Garden of Eden, Bagdad, Jordan, Jericho, Nile, Promised Land , Plains of Heaven, Lake Babylon - suggestion of books set in the Middle East and books that look at Christianity welcomed.

the 14th category will be Nowhere Else (yes, a placename in Tasmania) - books that don’t belong in any other category

That is 11 categories. I need to decide on 3 more. Other possible placenames I could to use are

Arthur's Circus
Cat and Fiddle Arcade
Horizontal Creek
Quetzalcoatl Conduit
Cape Contrariety
Styx River (and the Valley of the Giants)
Lost World Plateau
The Moai
Detached Head, The Boneyard, Dismal Swamp, Phantom Bay
Lake Nameless
Salamanca Place (books set in Spain?)
Doo Town
Adventure Bay
Hollow Tree
Snug (cosy mysteries?)
Try Again Creek (books I didn't finish in the past?)
Death and Judgement Corner (real life murder trials?)

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