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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

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^I'm not so sure about Julian. Sure, his future self in the original timeline became the head of a violent terrorist organization, but we've seen that the future is mutable, and at this point, Julian is still on the fence. He's still trying, at least somewhat, to advance the cause without violence, although he has enough anger and bitterness in him that we can see that might not last. Maybe if Kiera and Alec -- and now Carlos and Betty -- can influence him in the right way, they could keep him from becoming the violent Theseus of Kiera's home timeline. But it's just as possible that the darker forces influencing Julian from without and from within could lead him to greater violence. So he could go either way. If he's a villain, he's Schroedinger's Villain.
Good point. I keep thinking of him as the boogey man from the future scenes, but I guess is a chance now that that isn't guaranteed to happen.
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