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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Adam's groovy musical instrument thingy....whatever it was.
B is for Banjoman's banjo.
C is for the Cestus star system.
D is for Deneva and the flying pizza monsters. And the uber hot black yeoman.
E is for Ermine violin, but I see no advantage in having one.
F is for Federation Funny Farm.
G is for Gowron's big, wide eyes.
H is for Holographic harps played by holographic nymphs in Riker's quarters
I is for Iridium inside a comet.
J is for Jem'Hadar loyalty.
K is for Kolandans. Apparently wiped out by a mysterious plague thousands of years ago.
L is for Lyre, Spock's Vulcan lyre.
M is for Medusan transport container.
N is for Nomad. It's mission.... to destroy..... all life.
O is for Organians. As high above us on the evolutionary scale as we are above the amoeba.
P is for Promellian battlecruiser.
Q is for Quick!! Get.......... us........ out........ of....... here....... Sulu!!!!
R is for Rura Penthe. Known throughout the galaxy as the aliens graveyard.
S is for Sigma Draconis VII.
T is for T'Pol's bum. Mmmmmmmm.
U is for Upsilon Andromedae.
V is for the Vulcan Science Council. Has determined that time travel is impossible.
W is for Whales. There be some there. In the Klingon Bird-of-Prey.
X is for Star Trek X. It would have been better if they had used the plot from "Gilligan's Island".
Z is for Zefram Cochrane
- Nine of Four
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